“Unstoppable Healing lets you process old trauma and painful emotions so you can let them go for good.”

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It’s time to let go of your hardships.

Hi, I’m Leslie Finkel and I’m the founder and creator of Unstoppable Healing. I free people from their traumas, pains, and everyday stresses so they can thrive in their body and enjoy their life to the fullest.

You are you here because you may have endured high-stress careers, painful relationships, tragic events and traumatic losses. Perhaps you’ve been unable to find relief and end your needless suffering. That’s why I care about you.

Chances are, we have a lot in common. I’m no stranger to a stressful life. I had an extremely demanding career complete with long hours and 24×7 on-call support. All compounded by an equally stressful and heart-wrenching personal life. At times I was an emotional mess. My only escape was being a physical athlete all my life. But I’ve injured myself. I’ve had accidents. All of these lead to chronic issues where at one point I thought I was dying.

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Though I used willpower to rebuild and rehabilitate myself from physical injuries, my emotional pains lingered on. It was during this time that I found a healing modality that totally changed my life. I decided to study under the tutelage of a Tibetan Lama. In the process, I discovered that I have wonderful healing hands and the passion for helping others. And that’s how Unstoppable Healing was born.

Unstoppable Healing is a powerful process that enables you to reverse engineer what has caused one or more systems in your body to become out of balance. It employs a comprehensive suite of energy management techniques to literally unlock and release the negative energies in you that lead to both chronic physical and emotional hardships.

Unstoppable Healing is for men and women and for people of all ages, including kids and the elderly – who unfortunately deal with the typical dilemmas of bullying, aging, loss of friends or life partners.

The truth is your stress and pain does not have to remain in your body. With Unstoppable Healing, in just a short amount of time, you can access on an energetic level the root causes to issues in your whole body. Like me, you too can dramatically change your life for the better.

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“You’ve helped me release unhealthy belief systems and enjoy new freedoms of being.”

“Wow. I am at a loss for words. There is no way I can elaborate how thankful I am for all you did for me. Your heart is big and your nature is truly altruistic. I am forever grateful. What you did for me was so profound… unlocking SOOO much stuff I have accumulated over my lifetime. You helped me unlock and release many buried emotions and pains from my early years.”

– Laura Austin

“With Leslie’s help, I was able to heal and release deep tensions that were trapped in my body from these physical and emotional wounds.”

“I have chronic back pain from scoliosis and have been suffering from anxiety and panic attacks since my brother passed away a few years ago. I found Leslie’s style of abdominal massage and energy work to be very therapeutic – physically, mentally and emotionally.”

– Erica Peterson
Certified Yoga Teacher

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“Unstoppable Healing is not a belief system. It is a forgotten reality.”