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Meet Leslie Allyn Finkel

Leslie Allyn is on a mission to free people from their traumas, pains, and everyday stresses so that they can thrive in their body and enjoy their life to the fullest. Using an ancient Taoist healing science called Chi Nei Tsang, brought to the west by Mantak Chia, Leslie defragments and optimizes people’s bodies on a cellular level.

Leslie’s purpose is to protect people and help them heal. He enjoyed a 30+ year career in Information Technology, primarily at the City of Phoenix Police where he was in charge of administering all mission-critical systems. He has 20 combined years in the study of various energy modalities pertaining to mind and body.

Whether it is relieving chronic pain from accidents and physical injuries, releasing emotional traumas, fears, anxieties, and depression, or eliminating clouded thinking, digestive and hormonal issues, people report astounding results.

He is the founder and creator of Unstoppable Healing where he leads clients on their journey to profound life and health changes.

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Trauma or grief, chronic pain,
physical or emotional strife?

It’s time to let it all go and
enjoy new found freedom!