“It was safe to go deep inside and let all that old crap go!”

– Eva Marie Dell

  • “Wow! Still blown away…"
    "I’m not sure what I let go of but some heavy stuff left me. Now I just feel incredible!

    Jeanne McCall Energy Healer
  • “With Leslie’s help, I was able to heal and release deep tensions that were trapped in my body from these physical and emotional wounds.”
    “I have chronic back pain from scoliosis and have been suffering from anxiety and panic attacks since my brother passed away a few years ago. I found Leslie’s style of abdominal massage and energy work to be very therapeutic – physically, mentally and emotionally.”

    Erica Peterson Certified Yoga Teacher
  • “I became more aware of how guarded I was.
    By the end of the session, I felt like I was in my body for the first time in a long time.”

    Amy Levine Certified Licensed Massage Therapist
“After my first session with Leslie, I effortlessly dropped 8 pounds in one week and kept it off!”

“That’s unheard of! Up until now, I’ve been dieting for years, losing the same pounds over and over again. Not only that, I have an unwavering confidence now to create the life of my dreams. I’m unstoppable!

It was like Leslie removed certain emotional triggers that before always made me sabotage my eating practice. I’m no longer fighting that uncontrollable hunger, and have been feeling peaceful and fulfilled. I feel like a newborn!

I woke up one morning feeling an unstoppable, unwavering inner confidence. As a consequence, I’ve made very big personal and professional decisions that will affect everything in my life, and change it for the better. I mean everything! I feel like nothing is going to stop me from doing what I’m here to do! I’m flying! I can’t say it in any other words.

I feel cleansed, both emotionally and physically. The overall experience left me open to the greater possibilities in my life. Since the session, new opportunities and influential people have come into my life. Dare I say it? It even seems like a lifelong dream is finally coming together for me — effortlessly.”

– Barbara Kaplan
Interior Designer

  • “You’ve helped me release unhealthy belief systems and enjoy new freedoms of being.”
    "Wow. I am at a loss for words. There is no way I can elaborate how thankful I am for all you did for me. Your heart is big and your nature is altruistic. I am forever grateful. What you did for me was so profound… unlocking SOOO much stuff I have accumulated over my lifetime. I know I didn’t explain much to you about some things I might have been holding onto, but it seems you had some sense of that. I remembered you mentioned something about someone not letting me be the little girl I needed to be… that hit me like a ton of bricks. You helped me unlock and release many buried emotions and pains from my early years.”

    Laura Austin Global Photographer
  • "I gained a relaxed and renewed energy.”
    "Before I started my sessions with Leslie, I was feeling worn down and sluggish. As we progressed through each session, I gained a relaxed and renewed energy. In every session, I felt like I was in a deep dream state, but was aware of everything that was going on. I remember seeing and feeling energetic waves of soothing colors.”

    Dr. Mike Chiropractor
  • "The sessions helped me process some deep emotional issues that I’ve worked on for many years."   "I received a series of five sessions and found them to be deeply impactful in releasing psychological patterns and stuck energies. The sessions helped me process deep emotional issues that I've tried to work on for years, but have unfortunately ignored.   Leslie made me feel very safe from start to finish. From the 'letting go cries' during the session to sharing personal stuff about my life before and after. Each and every time, I became incredibly relaxed, so much so that I felt like I was just floating there while my mind would sometimes drift off to thoughts or pictures that correlated with the energetic changes that were being made.   In between each session, I would feel an energetic shift in my life and a sense of openness after letting go of what I didn’t even know was blocking me from moving forward in my truest self.   Leslie is truly a gifted bodyworker. Whether you struggle with digestive problems, sleep, or emotional instability, I highly recommend everyone to experience Unstoppable Healing with Leslie Finkel."

    Dana Green Licensed Massage Therapist
“This was the best gift I could have given to myself! It created the power and the strength for me to make some major decisions with clarity.”

“The benefits have been extremely tangible, my mother said she felt a shift in me. WOW! This shift has created the power and the strength for me to make some major decisions with clarity in my life. I’ve been allowing myself to let go of old, stuck emotions and situations in order to move forward in my life.

My gifts, strengths, and dreams have for the first time become the most important to me. My relationships are shifting as well. My ability to speak up for myself, not take things so personally, and follow through with ideas I was having for many years, has been quite surprising, and such a beautiful development for me. This has been an extremely powerful process, to heal the old emotions that get stuck in our body.”

– Elizabeth Moss, LPN

Founder of CareGivers By WholeCare

  • “No amount of counseling or medications can do what Leslie did for me in such a short time.”
    "I was actually unaware of just how much 'heavy baggage' I was carrying within myself. Sadly, my life had been filled with considerable abuse, terrible marriages and I’ve been overly traumatized by bearing witness to the tragic loss of life to an unimaginable number of family and friends. I didn’t realize how much darkness and pain was buried within me. That is until I started working with Leslie.

    I went into the first session not knowing what to expect but open to the possibility of what I was about to experience. I felt lighter and I was mind blown after the first session but a little bit scared at what I buried so deep for so long that was about to emerge. The second session was more in-depth. I did not feel as light after but I felt like that plug holding everything in had been opened and toxic waste started leaking out. I went through the process and cried a lot that week.

    During the third and fourth sessions, Leslie continued to unlock and help clear out more of the junk I had hidden away, but it was the fifth session that truly opened Pandora's Box, so to speak. That was a tough session, but well worth the work we have been doing. I couldn't believe how much I was processing, and it's only the beginning.

    After a couple of weeks and keeping Leslie posted on my progress, we decided on one more session. This time I took my fiance with me for this session. Everything about this sixth session was elevated and special from start to finish. As we started the session, it became quickly apparent that this was going to be different. More intense than anything I have experienced my life. During the session, Leslie invited my fiance into the circle, as he has also trained in the healing arts.

    The second Leslie had him enter that circle and placed his hand on my chest the bubble of energy that surrounded us exploded. I have no words to describe what happened, as I am not even clear on all of it. What I do know is that I was floating above myself, so I did not feel it when both men left my sides to lay there. At one point something touched me, poking my chin and my hip. It wasn't Leslie or my fiance, as they were sitting in the room observing.

    Since that session, my third eye is opened and have been on a spiritual high ever since. I am still processing but there is so much space inside me now. I can breathe again. I didn't even know I wasn't breathing until all this happened. I am very humbled by this experience with Leslie and have no words to thank him for the skill and talent he possesses.

    I only wish I would have known about this treatment sooner. It has all but eliminated the dark depression I lived with for so long. No amount of counseling or medications can do what Leslie did for me in such a short time. I highly recommend Unstoppable Healing to anyone struggling with depression and so many other things.

    Thank you, Leslie, for giving me a second chance at living a happy, peaceful life without darkness dominating it, which I never thought possible. You are an amazing human being and dear friend. I appreciate you and the work you do."

    Carolyn Mench Registered Nurse
  • "Leslie is a very talented and sensitive practitioner."
    "I have experienced a lot of Chi Nei Tsang in my journey of life. I found that his intuitive ability to sense exactly what I need along with his grace and delicate touch make for a miraculous formula. He has developed skills. It’s something that you can’t teach a person. I would encourage anyone and everyone to experience this blessing. He is magnificent and I wish I could get a session with him every day!"

    Angel Evans Founder of Angel Brain Solutions
“I’m able to see old patterns and nip them in the butt in the moment. It is a higher vibration to live in.”

“My Unstoppable Healing sessions with Leslie were deeply healing. I always felt safe in his healing presence. In every session, I was out of time-space reality within 5-10 minutes and felt lighter when I awoke. This was all possible because his approach is very comforting.

Leslie reached layers of emotional baggage that were stored up in my “gut” that I was unaware of. I would say that I feel more raw now, meaning that I am able to process things in the present without that old emotional garbage getting in the way. ‘Stuff’ still comes up at times, but I am able to see the thought pattern as it arises and nip it in the butt in the moment. It is a higher vibration to live in. Higher consciousness. I still feel a lot of shifting in me. A lot has changed in my life for the better.”

– Leita Schiemann

CEO at Momma and Kundalini Yoga Teacher

  • "My experience working with Leslie was remarkable!"
    "I felt myself slip into a meditative state somewhere between being awake and asleep, what I would call as a floating bliss. My mind was thinking through problems and issues that I had been dealing with that week. After the sessions, I felt more grounded and had a general sense of positive well being. I recommend Unstoppable Healing for anyone trying to heal from trauma or just looking to achieve a higher state of consciousness in order to heal problems."

    Brian Stirling Neuro Therapist
  • “I found Leslie to be very intuitive of my healing needs.”
    “I enjoyed the relaxing and very spiritual space Leslie created for my healing treatment. I felt relief physically, mentally, emotionally with deep relaxation in all sessions. I felt more clarity with less anxiety.”

    Rajpal Kaur Gong Master
  • "My surgery went super! I think it was my Unstoppable Healing session."

    Holly Haugan Technical Recruiter

“It’s time to let go of the old and create space for the new you.”